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OEM Replacement Gaskets

Humitech of Knoxville manufactures and installs (full service area limited) all types of refrigeration and cooking gaskets at a fraction of the initial cost. We work on all makes and models of equipment. Our services include hardware repair and replacement and reach-in or walk-in door repair. Each gasket is specifically made for your equipment to original equipment manufacturer's specifications. Humitech of Knoxville is your One-Stop Source for OEM gaskets and hardware. 


Regular maintenance of refrigerator gaskets includes cleaning the debris that accumulates on the gasket with a soft cloth. You should also look for cracks, tears, and worn spots.  Damaged gaskets result in cold air escaping raising cooling costs, exposing products to bacteria, microorganisms, and spoilage. In addition, there are risks for pre-mature equipment failure due to overworking of compressors and other mechanical parts. A visual inspection of gaskets should be done routinely. Gaskets should be replaced at regular maintenance intervals, usually every 4-8 months, depending on the refrigeration type and use.

Our gaskets are installed by trained, professional technicians (local service area only). We also manufacture our gaskets to your specifications and ship them anywhere in the country, usually within 48 hours of your order. Our products are cost effective, professionally made and  expertly installed.

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Humitech of Knoxville also replaces such items as hinges, latches, strikes, and automatic door closures. Many times, the hardware can be repaired before being replaced. Call for a FREE INSPECTION.  Service area is limited.

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