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About Us

Humitech of Knoxville is located in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA, not far from Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Its facilities include warehouses; executive, design, and production offices; a paint and finish area; dedicated assembly and shipping areas; and a complete machine shop. Humitech of Knoxville uses modern computer systems to efficiently operate the business, bring new concepts to market, and maintain a steady supply of products to meet customers' needs. The staff also maintains an extraordinary balance of "common sense know-how" with pencil and paper. This mixture of the old and new insures the best possible product and high levels of customer service.

Humitech of Knoxville specializes in humidity control products that extend the shelf life of perishable foods and that reduce energy and maintenance costs in refrigeration products.  The company's goal is to save you money today, tomorrow, and in the future.  We are committed to preserving the environment for future generations in the process.

The staff - their strong work ethic, their experience, and the facilities - all combine to make Humitech of Knoxville the leader it has been and will continue to be in an ever changing and GREEN industry.

Our style is casual.  Our concern for our customer's needs is intense.  Our passion creates our success.


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