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Humidity Control Panels

  • Increase the Shelf life of Vegetables, Fruit, & Flowers by Up to 50% .
  • Reduce the Spread of Bacteria.
  • Lower Refrigeration Temperatures.
  • Help Reduce or Eliminate Odors.
  • Reduce Moisture and Reduce Mold.
  • Reduce the Frequency of Cleaning & Maintenance.
  • Decrease Energy Use.
  • Eliminate Ice in Freezers.
  • Increase the Life of Compressors and Refrigeration Equipment.

$ave Money!

Humitech Humidity Control Systems utilize a natural mineral product that is packaged in small, ventilated panels.  There are no moving parts and no fuel or power requirements to operate the system.  The panels reduce humidity, trap airborne bacteria, and reduce or eliminate odors.  The system is effective in any refrigerator or freezer application.

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OEM Refrigeration Gaskets

  • Help Maintain Required Temperatures.
  • Reduce Health Hazards.
  • Constructed from OEM Gasket Materials.
  • Installation by Trained Professionals.
  • Reduce Energy Consumption.

$ave Money!

Humitech of Knoxville  makes original equipment manufacturer gaskets for all makes and models of commercial refrigeration and cooking equipment.  We use only high quality, original equipment manufacturer parts and materials.  Installation is fast and reliable by technically trained - professional staff.

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